HIVE Ceramics manufactures and distributes a proprietarily blend of ceramic elements for torched, electronic and portable vaporizers, as well as provides any type of custom design and collaboration work under the sun.

"We are dedicated to bringing the vaporization community the healthiest and cleanest tasting vapor experience possible. We will continue to strive for excellence, be creative, innovate and deliver the highest quality products on the market.

Our first batch of prototypes passed our taste tests with flying colors. With a reduced price point to account for possible wear and tear, we are positive that our ceramic is still the next big thing in vaporizing essential oils. The taste is simply unmatched, and we know you'll agree!!!"

Hive Ceramics - 10mm Nail
Hive Ceramics - 14/18mm Domeless
Hive Ceramics - 14mm Herbal Slide
Hive Ceramics - 18mm Herbal Slide
Hive Ceramics - Omni Nail S.C.S
Hive Ceramics - Onyx Nail 14/18mm
Hive Ceramics Stinger Dabber