The Original “Rock & Roll Superstore”and Adult Novelty Shop. 
Photo Circa 1976. 

It is considered the oldest remaining “Head Shop” on the East Coast.


East West Novelty is a retail store chain specializing in Counter-Culture Goods.

East West was founded in 1971 by Alexander Suvino and has its roots in the music business. Alex came up with the name after listening to a Paul Butterfield Blues Band Album titled “East West” and in its inception in 1971 and for a number of subsequent years sold records, bootlegs, live recordings, and outtakeson Vinyl. As well as providing customers with band merchandise and other music related collectible and decorative items.

It has remained in its sole Brick & Mortar location for 45 years of business at 330 48th Street, Union City, NJ.

Bringing you products from all your favorite time periods and an eclectic mix of different sub-cultures that have flourished in American Society.

The categories we specialize in are Music, Love, Jewelry, Jokes, Smoke, Tactical Gear & Skate. 

East West has always catered to a crowd that is seeking items that help define their personal lifestyle choices and we are here to make it more manageable and accessible to live and showcase those certain types of lifestyles. We try to make you feel like an individual in the crowd of everyone buying the same stuff at a mall. Our Customers end up crossing over from each section and leaving with gifts for friends, or just something you never thought you’d be purchasing. You can find something for anyone in each of the sections of our shops.