2.5" Wide Ends Latty Swirl Glass Chillum
3.5" Multicolor Glass One Hitter W/ Dichroic Twists
4" Multicolor Borosilicate Glass Tobacco Chillum W/ Twists
Ceramic Cigarette One Hitter
Criss Cross One Hitter - 3"
Grav Labs - Silicone Octo-Taster Chillum One Hitter Pipe - 4"
Grav Labs Arcline Chillum
Grav Labs Fritted Chillums - 3"
Grav Labs One Hitter - Asst. Designs
Grav Labs One Hitter - Sandblasted Logo
Happy Kit – Case, Storage, Grinder, Spoon, One Hitter, Papers and Tips
Jade Green Black Wave Chillum / One Hitter - 3.5"
Jade Snake Chillum Taster - 3.5"
Large Engraved Styled Dugouts w/ One Hitter Cigarette
Latty Chillum Taster w/ Flat Mouthpiece - 3.6" - Asst. Colors
Onyx Stone One Hitter
PieceMaker Silicone One Hitter Pipe 2"
Piranha Pipe One Hitter
Pulsar Honeycomb Chillum - 4" / Asst. Colors
Silicone Covered Glass Insert Chillum - 4"
Silicone Donut One Hitter Keychain - 2" | Assorted Colors
The Digger - 3" Tobacco Cigarette Dugout One Hitter
Tobacco Eject One Hitter Cigarette Style
UV Bubble One Hitter
Uv One Hitters
Zeppelin Metal One Hitter Pipe